Rachel & Guy

A sunny May day wedding, we loved sharing Rachel and Guy’s special day and being surrounded by so many friendly faces. Special thanks to the South Farm staff who was not only professional but super helpful on the day!

Southfarm Royston wedding videography

Wedding videography at South Farm in Royston


Louise & Joe

One of the most fun filled weddings we ever shot at this lovely venue, a couple that knew exactlty what their special day should be like and planned it to perfection!

Denbies Wine Estate wedding videography

Wedding videography at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking


Vanessa & Bhavesh

This super elegant and elegant wedding is one to remember for all the good reasons: the love and friendship from both friends and family for Vanessa & Bhavesh as well as the super fun party that followed the ceremony

Hindu wedding videography hertfordshire

Wedding videography at Winstanley House in Leicester


Joan & Efosa

This great African wedding was straight up our alley – easy to shot in our typical unobtrusive documentary style. So many opportunities for both memorable moments and emotions.

Nigerian wedding videography hertfordshire

Wedding videography at the Fennes Estate in Essex


Lopa & Kishan

Lopa & Kishan contacted us for their wedding videography and we were happy to say yes to their request! They are both friendly, kind and very well organized people – an absolute pleasure to work with them. Thank you guys for reaching out to us and for making us a part of your wedding!

Lopa kishan videography

Wedding videography at The Hive, Edgware


Jyoti & Dipesh

Great people, we met to discuss their wedding and shared delicious hot chocolate. We were already friends when we covered their wedding and hope to meet them again soon for hot chocolate and cake!

Jyothi dipesh videography

Wedding videography at The VIP Lounge, Edgware


Sharn & Eoin

We met Sharn & Eoin again at the end of October. They were both relaxed and enjoyed their special day and did not even the rain delay them. A wonderful wedding from the very start till the end!

Sharn eoin wedding videography

Wedding videography at Froyle Park


Arsene & Therese

We almost didn’t want to leave from their wedding! They had lots of fun, laughed a lot and enjoyed every moment. So did we. In fact, we had such a good time that they recommended us to their friends even before receiving the material!

Therese arsene videography

Wedding videography at the Old Town Hall, Stratford


Nat & Josh

Our good friends Nat & Josh tied the knot at the beautiful Anser Gallows Farm in Hempstead and we were more than thrilled to cover the photography and videography for their big day. One of the most awesome and fun filled weddings we have ever been to!

Nat josh videography

Wedding videography at the Anser Gallows Farm Hempstead, Essex


Neethu - Mehndi

N mendi videography

Luke & Michael

Luke michael videography

Hannah & Patrick

Hannah patrick videography

Sophie & James – Prewedding

We traveled 150 miles to go to the place where their beautiful love story began at Uni. Throw in a chill September morning, a videographer with gloves and a happy couple that didn’t seem to feel the 3 degrees outside.

Sophie james videography


T h videography

Gloria & Daniel

Gloria daniel wedding videography

Sharn & Eoin – Prewedding

They chose Richmond Park for their pre-wedding shots, a place I love and gave us amazing autumn scenery to work with.

Sharn eoin session videography

Mara & Vlad

A sensational wedding in an amazing location, both elegant and fun. We had a great time covering their special day from the barber’s shop until they cut the wedding cake.

Mara vlad videography

Harvey - Mayan

H mayan ceremony


S a videography

Ana & Alex

I had a good feeling about them from the first time we met and knew they were going to have a fun wedding. Two wonderful and energetic people that had a great time with their friends. Not even the unforeseen power failure that night managed to spoil their fun.

Ana alex videography

Gloria & Daniel Prewedding

Gloria daniel session videography


U f baraat videography

Laura & Vlad

When we met Laura and Vlad I knew they were two very successful solicitors and it was delightful to discover they had a great sense of humor and were so opened to our suggestions. A fun and laid back wedding, with many special moments and performances from big names.

Laura vlad teaser videography

U - Mehndi

U mehndi videography


March 23, Editorial


Izzy & Marcus

We first met with them on an early summer Sunday. We had a laugh, skipped the morning coffee and went straight for some cider pints at one of the oldest pubs in London. We already knew this to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and all went smoothly in their big day. A tasteful and fun wedding with close friends and amazing food and music.

bride groom portraits

Ana Violeta

Ana violeta videography